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“The team behind WideOyster was so great to work with. We were blown away by the end results.”

Nancy Gordy, Edmonton Tourism, Canada




A full-service, award-winning agency dedicated to high-end travel storytelling and media amplification strategies. We work with destinations and travel brands worldwide.


Since 2016 we’ve helped more than 35 destinations and brands. We produced a multitude of award-winning stories and videos and placed them strategically in high-end media worldwide.


Beside that we publish WideOyster Magazine. Our editions and specials in English, Spanish, German, and Dutch reach over 180,000 digital subscribers and 265,000 unique users. We are rapidly growing, due to the quality of the content.


Our partners

your publicity campaign in 4 steps

Step 1:

Strategy Development

Together with you we develop the project strategy and define the milestones of the operational execution.


  • Briefing
  • Strategy
  • Action plan    

Step 2:

 Content Creation

WideOyster‘s world class story crafters set out and bring back a large collection of the desired unforgettable media assets . 


  • Stories
  • Images
  • Videos

Step 3:

 Content Amplification

Good stories will be pushed. Published to the point. By our unique and committed partner network.



  • Earned Media
  • Owned Media
  • Paid Media     

Step 4:

ROI Review

To measure is to know. At the end of a campaign we present the numbers and insights that form the results 


  • Reviewing quality and quantity impacts
  • Create learnings for future campaigns






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WideOyster Magazine reaches an audience of 180.000 subscribers in Western Europe and is published in English, German, Spanish and Dutch. The quarterly magazine has an average of 265.000 unique visitors who visited a total of 420.000 pages. Our readership (61% 25 – 55 years old, 65% women, 35% men) has a passion for travel and annually takes 2 big vacations and 2 shorter breaks closer to home.

We publish longreads with photography and video about:
Nature, outdoor adventure, road trips, eco-tourism, indigenous tourism, expeditions, culture, gastronomy, city trips, accommodation, gear & gadgets, travel heros.

Content Partnership

WideOyster Magazine does not publish regular advertisement. Instead we work with content partners. Through engaged storytelling  in combination with a call to actions, we bring editorial content to our readership.

Content partners have the option for multiple CTA,s included. You can share the exposure and budget with travel partners of your choice, or refer readers to different highlights in your region. What can we do for you?

Pearls of Paradise

This section in WideOyster Magazine features unique hotels, lodges, resorts or other accommodations. We work with resorts that stand out in uniqueness in luxury, or eco friendliness or in support of local communities, etc.

Each ‘pearl’ has its own page with lots of photography, and video and a colourful short story about the resort, why it is unique and about the surrounding area.

We work with the marketing materials offered by the resort and where necessary adjust the text to the style of our magazine. That way it is our recommendation of your resort and not your marketing pitch. to the audience. What can we do for you?

Travel Heroes

We believe that travel can be a transformative tool for travellers and communities, as well as for the conservation of the planet.

Our task as a media outlet is to help our readers make the right choices when they travel: journeys that are authentic, with genuine experiences that enrich the lives of both those who wander and those who are visited, organised by people that lead by example and make an effort in the preservation of our planet. We believe in the change that tourism needs: the necessary step from consuming to contributing.

This is why we started the Travel Hero series: we want to highlight travel companies, and the people behind them, that make a difference. If you think that you fit the profile, let’s talk. What can we do for you?

Gear & Gadgets

The Gear & Gadgets page of WideOyster Magazine highlights six products or services for the demanding traveller.

Besides this page, we have numerous options for gear and other products to star in our adventures. We can for instance take care of photo or video shoots while we are traveling or when we are on an expedition.

If you are a (gear) brand, ask about the possibilities. What can we do for you?

Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash

Special Editions

Next to the quarterly magazine we also publish WideOyster Special Editions. The specials contain 5-10 stories from a single region or topic.

WideOyster Specials are the perfect tool to highlight all the different USP’s your destination has to offer hence offering more inspiration and persuasion for the future traveler to choose your destination. 

The Special can also be a great opportunity to combine stories of different stakeholders. Take a look at our Cuba Special that was created with 5 different commercial partners. Or the latest Wild West Canada Special. What can we do for you?







The creative team


Creative Director / Owner / Founder

Marco combines creativity with commercial thinking. He is an avid conceptual thinker and storyteller. Journalism, global PR, advertising, brand creation, magazine creation -and managing and creative direction are merely a few of the skills he collected during his 20+ years career. His travel stories have been published in, amongst others, National Geographic Traveler, Newsweek, Lonely Planet Traveler and Sidetracked. He is the founder of WideOyster.


Art Director / Owner / Photographer

Seeing the potential of online publishing, Frits joined WideOyster from Edition #1, taking his experience with imaging straight into the appearance of the magazine. Frits started his career as an award winning photojournalist covering the Middle East and Balkan, publishing in Time Magazine, New York Times, Guardian, The Independent, and Dutch media. After 12 years he left the crisis areas behind and focused on the great outdoors. As an adventure photographer he publishes in National Geographic Traveler and of course in WideOyster Magazine. Frits has a passion for indigenous cultures and his projects regularly take him to remote places. This resulted in a wide ranging experience working with NGO’s, World Bank, EU, etc. Being able to support community based tourism projects with publicity and quality content gives him great satisfaction. When Frits doesn’t travel you can regularly find him next to a fire in his garden with a beer and a bbq


Editor German Language Edition

Malte has exploration in his DNA. As a photographer and travel writer he loves to marvel at extreme, challenging, and exotic destinations. His stories captivated the readers of more than 40 publications (NatGeo Traveller, GEO, DIE ZEIT, Spiegel etc). He speaks passionately in front of large audiences, tens of thousands have enthusiastically followed his visually stunning keynotes. As WideOyster’s Lead Strategist and Explorer, he brings in experience as a management consultant having accompanied over 40 digital projects in 8 countries. Malte is also active as WideOyster Magazine’s Editor-in-chief for the german speaking countries. Whatever your challenge is, count on Malte’s obsession and will-to-result.


Editor Spanish Language Edition

Javier is a mountain sports enthusiast. As a freelancer, he spent the first 10 years of his career travelling from ski resort to ski resort with his snowboard all over the Pyrenees, Alps, Andes, Japan etc. He has been to more than 90 countries where you can ski. Test him. His curiosity led him to widen his vision to other adventure sports, and he was editor-in-chief for twelve years at Oxígeno magazine, the best selling outdoor sports print magazine in Spain. Those were the years of adventure travel around the world: trekking and sea kayaking expeditions, splitboarding, rafting, horse riding and, of course, wine tastings. Javi is member of the Adventure Media Advisory Group, and now in charge of the WideOyster Spanish edition for Spain and Latin America.

WideOyster Gold

Demi Mulder

Social Media Expert

Annette Clavin

Production Leader

Silvia Pisci

PR / Influencer Expert

Peter Brennan

Technical Director

Nicolline v/d Spek


Judy Karwacki

Sustainable Tourism Expert

Josiah Holwick


Ruben Drenth


Hans Avontuur

Writer / Photographer

Bas van Oort

Writer / Photographer

Hans Bouman


Alessio Cuomo

Filmmaker / Director

Dirk Wijnand de Jong

Writer / Photographer

John Donica


Jessica van Neerijnen

Graphic Design

Caroline Pemberton

Travel Film Productions