Mastercard campaign

Ode to the Journey

Japan, Brazil, New York, New South Wales (Australia).

Client: Mastercard

Create a cross-border campaign through travel storytelling in which we can implement the brand Mastercard to let travellers know that it’s smart to pay with your Mastercard while travelling.


We created the campaign Ode to the Journey. The concept of the campaign was to create a series of travel poetry films in combination of destination storytelling. The travel poetry films were based on poems by local poets who wrote about their love for their city, region or country.

Marco Barneveld            Creative Director
Alessio Cuomo                Director
John Donica                     Camera Japan
Andy Lloyd                       Camera New South Wales
Samuel Oscar                  Camera Brazil
Rene Koster                     Camera New York
Roberta Martins              Location scout Brazil
Daan Vermeer                 Project management


Produce amazing travel storytelling through video, images and text. Add product placement of the brand Mastercard in the travel poetry videos and add boxes with the advantages of paying with your Mastercard while traveling in the features about each destination. Publish on WideOyster. Ask the public via social media to create their own Ode to the Journey in order to win the holiday of their dreams.


  • 4 articles
  • 4 videos
  • 4 social media teasers
  • 4 articles in WideOyster Magazine
  • 2 languages


Mastercard recreated the content on their own website and did a massive media campaign in order to reach a gigantic audience. The travel videos will also run on big video screens at the international gates of Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the coming year.


Just in WideOyster Magazine
1.000.000+ views
50.000+ reads
2 awards for Best Travel Video 2019

“WideOyster created an award-winning series of travel videos and articles for Mastercard. The results were stunning and praised by both consumers and professionals. Great people to work with and a very dedicated team.”

Phuong Nguyen

Marketing Manager / Mastercard

Destination films